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Die Inflationsrate wird 2011 in Deutschland über 2% steigen

Januar 7, 2011 von  
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Long as it was low, the inflation rate in Germany. 2009 and 2010, the price index of living costs very little. Therefore, most foods were relatively cheap. At the beginning of 2011 seems to spin the situation. The inflation rate is increasing again. Still, inflation was 1.7% in December 2010 with just under the limit at which the ECB has done. Because the stated goal of this institution is to keep inflation near or around two percent. If the rate should rise above the European Central Bank may take appropriate action. This will include the increase in interest rates. The throttles a little appreciation.

And then it all looks as if the consumer has to dig deeper in 2011 for many goods in the bag: For example, because corn is more expensive, is proposing the inflation down on all finishing products such as baked goods, pretzels and so on.

But the biggest chunk is for the citizens probably in the form of becoming expensive gasoline, fuel oil and electricity. For here is to be expected with increases in the low double digits. That is unlikely to significantly drive up inflation.

These drivers are more price: higher fees for cash withdrawals at ATMs in foreign banks now finally legal! Real estate transfer taxes in five states increased (by 1% – 1.5%). € 5 for more Hartz IV! The quality of life decreases in some areas: the roads as bad as I am in decades. Road salt is in December, barely present in the communities. Many pools are closed, so, unfortunately also increase the rents substantially in 2011. Calculated for each citizen has more debt, because the national debt have increased exorbitantly (we are the people our debt).

As a small compensation, the federal government has promised that the gross wage is deducted less, so that the citizens have more money available sollte.Es will first be seen at the end of 2011 whether this is more money available to compensate for inflation.

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