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Januar 10, 2011 von  
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They are angry about a bill on lacks the information concerning the VAT? No problem, because there is the online tax calculator on the web. This saves the hassle arithmetic in his head. Wherein it anyway always a size can be calculated. The VAT Calculator can be more. If you specify an amount, either the gross or the net amount paid and the percentage of value added tax calculated, the software regardless of any amount. And he makes no mistakes! The quick tax calculator is also in accounting for self-employed or small business for the VAT return. For there must always be net amounts are presented. An example is the magpie online process. There then calculates the Magpie software from the corresponding VAT by itself. Abe up many bills is just only the gross amount specified.

For example, the VAT rate in Switzerland in early January 2011 has been increased to 8%. If you as an entrepreneur in the German financial accounting office must make can calculate in seconds with our tax calculator with all the relevant amounts to a tax rate of 8%. Simply put, the number will be 8 in the box.

If in 2011 in Germany nor should result in a change in the VAT rate, the calculator can still be used. The software is maintained and adapted to new requirements. Another tip: If the tax calculator for any reason, does not issue numbers, simply delete all fields and enter the two values ​​again. Of course, the use of our computer without fees. In addition to the added value tax calculator online calculator is also present, the gross wage in U.S. net wage. Also on inflation, there is the possibility that inflation over several years to calculate, because the inflation is indeed an indirect devaluation of money.

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