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Mastercard kostenlos

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The Gold Card offers many benefits for free in addition to flexibility. The card brings the world to more than 28 million outlets and withdraw cash to pay their bills without fee money. Order goods over the Internet to book a rental car renting without bail, restaurants pay cash or reserving a hotel room, cheap flights online with a MasterCard Gold, the customer remains free and flexible.

In order to receive a MasterCard Gold, the following conditions are met, the residence must be in Germany or Luxembourg. A positive Schufa information is important, otherwise it can lead to a rejection. A regular wage or salary payment is required. The MasterCard is free, unfortunately, only offered by some banks. For this, the former Citibank is in communication with the Citibest checking account.

Another advantage of the Gold MasterCard is a fixed limit for the customer cash withdrawals, so the customer has a financial freedom. The credit card offers a partial payment with flexible repayment option. Financial independence is a further advantage of the Gold Card for free, because the revenues are deducted once a month. Up to 7 weeks, the payment is interest free. With the Gold Card will be paid in the usual currency bills. There is no conversion or laborious recount is necessary, because the world can be paid with a personal signature.

Once a month the customer receives an invoice, on which all payments are clearly listed. Also on the account statement printers, the current status are printed. The federal government offers tips for safe shopping with credit cards. With the Gold Card online, by phone or in writing, eliminating the signing of the document, only the duration and the number of MasterCard Gold is specified. The Master Card is also available as a debit card.

Massive security is the precondition of the Gold MasterCard. A new security service brought out an innovative process. For online purchase opens a window in which the loan number and password must be entered by the cardholder identified as the rightful owner, and payment can be made in the usual way. Among the additional services a travel insurance belong to 350.000, – EUR, travel accident insurance up to 40.000, – EUR, travel insurance up to 1.000.000, – EUR, travel insurance, here you have a deductible of 100 – to 190, – EUR will be paid and baggage insurance . The travel insurance comes into force under the following conditions. At least 50% of the total transport costs, with an approved transport company, with the Gold Card be paid.

The customer service is available by phone 24 hours a day. Flexibility, security and cashless payment system is the high performance of the Gold MasterCard. Merchants and customers benefit from the advantages of this credit card for free.

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