Free credit cards from Visa and Amex

On a credit card, active people in this day and age still hardly do without. Hotel reservations, car rentals and online orders are not available for some providers without a credit card. A credit card must cost nothing, because some banks and credit companies offer free credit cards. Especially in recent years, the acceptance of credit cards has increased significantly, you can share with her and paid cash to be withdrawn. Especially on holidays and business trips, a credit card, his constant companion.
The providers of credit card apply free the word „free“ on the annual fee. Be offered credit cards with no checking account, checking account and complete offers with the free use of the card in the first year. Prior to the conclusion between the four credit card companies, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Diners Club, should be chosen, then the bank of the many vendors. In particular many direct banks offer free credit cards in order to gain an overview of suitable comparison calculator on the Internet.
DKB offers a free Visa card with free checking account. With the online account will not be used because it is available with no minimum sales or minimum input. The customer has the option to keep its existing bank account or to completely change the DKB. The real benefit is the balance on the Visa card account is at 1.65% pa interest.
The SunnyCard the customer receives a free credit card also. Be a checking account at Santander Consumer Bank has not conducted a minimum turnover is required. The SunnyCard the customer receives a six-month exemption of the interest. Special feature: every month, only 5% of the card account (at least 25, – €) due.

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